Success is Assured

Following factors lead to 100% success rate.

No Lack of Practice

We believe that if a student is unable to clear any step in the prescribed time and with accuracy, he/she should not be promoted to the next step. This is because such a promotion will weaken the foundation on which the future is based. A very big disadvantage of learning in centers is that a child goes there only one day in a week and practices all other days at home. They get only a single worksheet for each day to practice. What if a student is not able to finish that sheet correctly or took time more than normal? In such case more practice is required and thereby more worksheets and more of parents’ time in checking them. However, neither more worksheets are provided nor more practice is possible leading to lack of practice and thus lack of expertise. This problem does not exist in online training provided by us as we ensure that next level is not available to the student till he achieves excellence in the existing level.

No Requirement of Checking Answers

Parents are required to check the worksheets completed by the child on daily basis which is a big headache for them. The above two are the main reasons of a student quitting Abacus at early levels. Both of these problems are absent in online exercises. Student can practice on as many worksheets as they want and no one is required to check them. Isn’t it a relief????? Yes

Time and Money Saver for Parents

Another big disadvantage is that someone has to pick and drop the child when they attend Abacus classes. In many cases this leads to discontinuation of course. This also restricts family’s outing on weekends. But in our online classes, the child can complete his daily worksheet; wherever/whenever he gets time.

24x7 Classes

Another great advantage of our course is that you can choose whatever time suites you. So, no classes missed.