Benefits of learning Abacus

Develops power to concentrate

Everyone knows that to get great result in studies focus is mandatory. More the concentration, better are the results. Concentration power doesn't come automatically. This needs to be developed over a period of time. Abacus exercises help a lot in this regard. Students not only become fluent in mathematical calculation but also improve their concentration power which helps them to do better in all the subjects.

Develops great observation power

When we observe things well, we are able to remember & analyze them. All the Abacus exercises help a student to improve their observation skills. They become capable of analyzing all aspects of a situation and thus become more alert and fast in their responses after learning abacus.

Develops great visualization abilities

From day one, abacus exercises start enhancing visualization ability of students. Enhancing this power of visualization, leads to great opportunities in every situation in life. It helps in seeing unforeseen opportunities. Learner’s imagination power is developed to a great level.

Develops Memory Power

Development in all above abilities i.e., power to focus, power to observe & power of imagination leads to a great memory. Performing abacus exercises with the help of visualization of abacus does wonders in calculations. One can do additions, subtractions, multiplication and division of even large numbers in seconds.

Boosts self Confidence

One, who has confidence, has power to do things with great results. Students gain lot of confidence when they learn abacus. Reason being, when they do calculation with great speed and accuracy in school, they get appreciated in class as well as other places. This appreciation boosts great confidence in them. They get motivated to much better.

High Calculation Speed with Accuracy

Speed of performing Mathematical calculations accurately and extremely fast helps in performing well in exams. Time saved can be used in solving other problems.

Great Learning ability

Learning capability gets enhanced. This helps them to perform well not only in mathematics but also in other subjects.