Process of Learning Abacus

Our program requires following routine to be successful:

Devote minimum 15 minutes 5-6 days a week for Abacus – Both Child and Parent

For Child
Only 15 minutes of practicing Abacus daily, on regular basis, does wonders. No school studies are suffered at all. Students can practice abacus during their exam times also as recreation.
For Parents
Role of Parent/s is negligible. They need to ensure that the child sits for Abacus daily as no student, even though he/she is very good in studies, likes to sit on her/his own to study. So, parents' role is just to make sure that the child spends at least 15 minutes for Abacus on daily basis, without fail and in the manner which has been specified in the study material.

Our Training For parents

The entire training is provided by us personally and the same is also available online. However, if there are queries/concerns you may contact us anytime.

Our Online Exercises

All the exercises have been drafted in such a manner that no hurdle will be faced by the child while working on them. All chapters have been divided into small sections so as to ensure that they are easy to practice.

Our Continuous Participation

• Won't allow you to quit the program. • Keep you motivated. • Appreciate you.