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Abacus is a tool to perform basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The tool contains one horizontal bar and usually 13 or 17 vertical rods with movable beads. Each vertical rod has one bead of value five above the horizontal bar and four beads of value one each below horizontal bar.

This is know as Soroban in Japan and taught in primary schools due the advantages of its learning. In initial stages calculations are performed on physical Abacus. However the usage of Abacus gradually ceases and the user is able to visualize the Abacus in his mind and solve mathematical calculations mentally fast and accurately.


The Sumerian abacus was the first to appear in 2700-2300 BC in history.

Chinese abacus known as the suanpan dates back to the 2nd century BC. it has 2 beads above and 5 beads beads below the horizontal bar.

Japanese abacus known as the Soroban came from China in 14th century. It has 1 bead above and 4 beads below the bar.

In Korea, Abacus is called jupan, supan or jusan. It came from China in around 1400 AD.


High Calculation Speed with Accuracy

This is the direct benefit of learning Abacus. Performing Mathematical calculations with speed & accuracy helps in performing well in exams. Time saved can be used in solving other problems.

Makes mathematics an interesting subject

We all know that generally kids do not like maths. Many of them even have Maths-Phobia. Teaching abacus is the best way to make maths an interesting subject because once kids start doing mental calculations they fall in love with this subject.

Develops Power to Concentrate

Everyone knows that to get great result in studies focus is mandatory. More the concentration, better are the results. Concentration power doesn't come automatically, this needs to be developed over a period of time. Abacus exercises help a lot in this regard. Students not only become fluent in mathematical calculation but also improve their concentration power which helps them to do better in all the subjects.

Develops Observation & Visualization Power

When we observe things well, we are able to remember, visualize & analyze them in a better way. Abacus exercises helps students to improve their observation skills. They become capable of analyzing all aspects of a situation and thus become more alert and fast in their responses.

Develops Memory Power

Development in all above abilities i.e., power to focus, power to observe & power of imagination leads to a great memory. Performing abacus exercises with the help of visualization of abacus does wonders in calculations. One can do additions, subtractions, multiplication and division of even large numbers in seconds.

Develops Confidence and Self esteem

One who has confidence, has power to do things with great results. Students gain lot of confidence when they learn abacus. Reason being, when they do calculation with great speed and accuracy in school, they get appreciated. This appreciation boosts great confidence in them. They get motivated to do better in all fields.


Age group : 5 to 14 years


Levels : 8. (Each of 3 months)

Duration : 2 Year. ( Minimum practice of 15 minutes daily)

Course content : Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. Click the link to know more.. Free Demo

Minimum Age : Children below the age of 14. After that age, Vedic Maths learning is more suitable. Click the link to know more.. What is Vedic Maths


For kids : Abacus course is basically a practice based course. Therefore proper practice is a must for getting good results, just understanding the concept will not benefit in any way. if you want to teach abacus to your child, you have the following modes available:

  • Abacus Institute : You can send your child to an abacus institute near your home however since this course is practice-based, make sure the institute is equipped with latest methods of practising the exercises.
  • Home tuition : You can arrange abacus home tuition for your child. However, they are usually expensive and not easily available.
  • Online training : If you teach your child yourself, this is the best option. You can register for online abacus training classes for kids. The online course has short videos for each topic which is easy to understand. You can watch them and then teach your child and help him perform the exercises.
  • For free demo click the link Try Online Abacus Maths Training Classes for kids free


    Online teacher training classes : You can become an Abacus trainer by completing the course online. You can then open your own abacus training center and earn handsome money. The course is of short duration, easy to understand and very interesting. You need not be expert in maths for doing this course. Click the link for details

    For free demo click the link Try Online Abacus Maths Teacher Training Classes for free


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