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Abacus Maths Teacher Training


Anyone who loves teaching children can do this course.

Anyone willing to shell out a little money and approx. 20 hours in learning something new..

Note: You need not be an expert in Mathematics. With us, anyone can learn Abacus easily and effortlessly.

Why should you pursue this course?

Abacus teacher training is the most sought after course as the demand for abacus trainer is growing with the growing awareness among educated parents about the benefits of teaching abacus to their kids. Many pursue this course because of handsome extra income it helps to generate by only working a few hours during weekends. Another reason being the small investment it requires. Benefits of doing this course include:

1. You can teach your own kids?

After doing this course, your kid will get the best Abacus trainer at home as you can train him/her yourself thereby save time and money.

2. Open your home-based center.

If your home can accommodate around 10 children for just 2 hours in a week, you can operate a home-based Abacus training center of your own and earn handsome income (only weekly one class of two hrs.). Your dining table or sofa set helps a lot in this regard. If you think that your home is not suitable, you can hire a nearby play-school, coaching center, etc. on weekly basis for this purpose by offering them a share in fee received from the students.

3. Home tuitions.

You can take home tuitions which is also a good source of income.

4. Jobs.

Work as an Abacus teacher in any institution/school.

6. Regular source of income.

This course is a source of regular income because the duration of completion of this course in approximately 2 years for a child. Gradually, student base keeps on growing through recommendation.

7. Lesser headache

Abacus classes are conducted on weekly basis and hence all other days are free for you to maintain work and family balance.

8. Reputable Profession.

Teaching profession itself is a reputable profession. It even helps boost your self-esteem.

9. Be your own boss.

If you start your own center, you become your own boss. You yourself decide how much you want earn.

Learning process.

Term of the course

This is a self-paced course. Approximately 20 hrs. of practice is required to complete the course. So, you can complete the full course as fast as you can. Guidance will be available all the time.


For each topic, there is a small video. After watching the video, you will be required to complete few online practice worksheets. After successfully completing practice sheets, you will be eligible to watch the video on the next topic. This ways you gain the confidence over the subject. During completion of the course, you can contact us via Whatsapp, e- mail, telephone, etc. We would be more than happy to assist you.

Why should you do it online?

By learning online you save time as well as money else you need to travel to some institute for attending abacus classes and even pay huge sum of money.

You get flexibility of time since you can learn it any time as per your schedule.

You may repeat any class as many times as you want. This is not possible in class room sessions.


After completion of the course, you will become a certified trainer of Roots Abacus Learning School.

Support from Us?

During and after the completion of the course, we are always available to guide and support you regarding each and every aspect of Abacus Learning or running a center.

  • All study material will be supplied to you at your door steps.
  • You will be provided Software and Marketing training.
  • Enquiries coming from your area/region will be forwarded to you.
  • You will always be able to get in touch with us via Telephone No., WhatsApp chats, emails.

Information about the 2-year program for Kids.

Term: 2 years Levels: 8 (3 months each) Classes: weekly 2 hrs. Method: daily min. 15 minutes practice in manual or online worksheets Objective of the course: To create ability to do Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division mentally without pen and paper Other Benefits of learning: Enhances concentration power, memory and observation power Eligibility: Students of 1st to 6th class

Benefits with Us.

Roots believes only in real teaching. We believe in first thing first. We believe in strengthening the roots first as this is where a tree grows from. Weak roots can't sustain a big tree. Whole course and the teaching method are based on the same philosophy. This is the reason the success percentage of our students is more than 90, oppose to just 10 otherwise. Other points:

1. No Franchise fee.

No franchise fee is required to be given after completing the course. So, you save huge money.

2. Technology assistance to learn more effortlessly.

Student will able to use online software to learn the course effortlessly with nominal fee.

3. Speed and Accuracy are regulated automatically.

You will be able to provide your students technology assisted training which keeps track of speed and accuracy of child's performance from the day one.

4. Play way teaching Method.

Children love to complete exercises as they are made just like any game they play.

5. On-line Competitions.

Online competitions are held from time to time

6. Regular Assistance.

Regular assistance to centers / trainers regarding all aspects of this program.

7. Free Panel

Free panel on website to monitor student progress, status, record, fees, reminder services to parents and much more which makes handing students effortless.

8. Online Certification.

Online certification is done on completing required number exercises for different levels.

9. Automatic updates to parents.

Students' progress report is automatically mailed to the parents which gives them more satisfaction regarding quality of services we extend to them.

Cost of the Course.

Cost of the course (All levels): 12000 INR or 190 USD. Courier charges for Abacus Tool is Additional which will differ location wise.

How to start?

Follow the following steps to start your course NOW:

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