Online Vedic Maths Training Classes for Students

FeeINR 20000 (60% Off) Effective Price 7900 or USD 275 120 Limited Period Offer (inclusive of taxes)
Duration No time limit. ( One can complete the course in 1 year by practicing at least 15 minutes daily)
Method of Training Through easy and short videos
Practice Method Software based online practice
Certification After successful completion of the course
Levels Covered 4
Performance Monitoring Through online panel
Performance Reporting Regular via automated emails
Examination Online


Students of age 12 or more are the most suitable for learning Vedic maths

Students appearing for various entrance and competition exams where time factor is very crucial


Syllabus : Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Roots, Cube Roots, etc.

Term : Though it is a self-paced learning, average time to finish the course is 1 year.


All the topics are explained with the help of short videos which are very easy to understand. After watching each video, you would be given online worksheet to practice the topic covered in given video.


  • Affordable training fees
  • Well planned online training program through small videos
  • Effortless & Tech Assisted Learning
  • Online practice worksheets to get expertise on the subject
  • Software-based monitoring of Speed and Accuracy
  • Regular reporting of all activities.
  • Interesting teaching Method
  • Online competitions
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    After completion of the each level, you will be provided certificates by Roots Abacus Learning School.


    High Calculation Speed with Accuracy

    This is the direct benefit of learning Vedic Maths. Performing Mathematical calculations with speed & accuracy helps in performing well in exams. Time saved can be used in solving other problems.

    Improvement in mathematics

    Knowledge of Vedic maths rules makes a subject like Mathematics more interesting. You start loving Maths.

    Develops Concentration & Learning Ability

    Everyone knows that for great result in studies focus is mandatory. More the concentration, better are the results. Concentration power doesn't come automatically. This needs to be developed over a period of time. Vedic Maths exercises help a lot in this regard. Improved concentration power helps them to perform better in all the subjects.

    Develops observation power

    When we observe things well, we are able to remember & analyse them. All the Vedic Maths exercises help a student to improve their observation skills. They become capable of analysing all aspects of a situation and thus become more alert and fast in their responses after learning Vedic Maths.

    Develops Memory Power

    Vedic maths exercises are done mentally. This improves the capacity of brain to memorise things better leading to development in Memory power.

    Develops Confidence and Self esteem

    One who has confidence, has power to do things with great results. Students gain lot of confidence when they are able to do calculations with great speed and accuracy. They get appreciated everywhere which boosts great confidence in them. They get motivated to do better in all fields.


    Following are points which make this course more beneficial if done online.

    Automatic monitoring of speed & accuracy

    Availability of unlimited practice sheets, automatic checking of answers, timer-based solving of exercises, etc. help to monitor and improve the speed & accuracy of the students along with making practice fun and effortless.

    Time and money saver

    You need not go to any centre. Thereby saving time as well as transportation cost. Online program is always economical as compared to the fees charged at centres.

    Flexible timing

    You may decide your own time to learn according to your convenience. You can choose any time you like. This way it does not disturb any of your routine. But class room learning does not give this freedom.

    Repetition of topic

    If you feel that you should repeat a class on certain topic, you can repeat the same any number of times. You just need to play the related video again.

    Online practice worksheets

    Practice makes a man perfect. Online worksheets are very useful for this course. Your sums are checked automatically. Any you can practice them any number of time. This is not possible in case you practice in printed worksheets.

    Regular reporting

    this is possible as all activities are recorded automatically and reported for better analysis.

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