Roots Abacus franchisees do not need any prior technical experience to effectively operate a franchise. Our comprehensive initial training program includes engaging, in-depth, informative classes on all technical matters, Marketing, operations and technology. You will complete training with the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed. Our team will work with you side-by-side, initiating marketing activities, and ensuring all of your process is functioning properly prior to completing your first job. During your training program, you would refine your working knowledge in:
1. Administration
2. Customer Service
3. Personnel Management
4. Advertising Planning
5. Technical Proficiency


While learning or planning to learn Abacus, you must be thinking of starting your own Abacus Training Center. Also, you might be nervous about whether you would be able to get students or not, would you be able to teach the students effectively or not, questions which the parents may ask during and after the enrollment and other such related matters. But you need not worry, this fear and nervousness is there in most of the cases and we are here to guide & support you so that you are able to handle these situations effectively. With our regular support, you would be able to start your first batch and run your center successfully without any hassle.


To start with, all you need to ensure is that you have space to accommodate around 10-15 students because your students need a proper sitting arrangement. It could even be your home. If you do not find your home suitable, you can arrange for space at a nearby pre-school or education center on a weekly basis. Please go through the full details to understand how will it benefit you.



By being associated with RALS (Roots Abacus Learning School, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company), as one of its franchisees, you become part of our team. You will be entitled to receive all our experience which we will share with you at each and every step of your progress journey, right from setting up your first batch till making your centre a successful one. Following are the benefits you will get with our association:-


You will be eligible for using trademark of Roots to be displayed on your sign boards, pamphlets, and other publicity material.

Customer Support

We would extend our support in the following:

Regular Supplies

We will ensure timely delivery of abacus training related study material like work books, abacus tool, etc.

Online Tools to Teach Students

You will get access to our various online tools which are essential for getting the best performance from students during training. Advantages of these online tools are :

  1. Automatic checking of homework resulting in saving of time doing unproductive work of checking homework. Students will do their homework in the same manner in which you did your worksheets.
  2. As already stated, maintaining speed and accuracy from the very beginning is crucial for efficient results. Most of the parents are unable to monitor their children's time spent in doing homework worksheet regularly. This problem is resolved automatically with online practice. Both time and accuracy of the sums are monitored automatically. This improves the performance of the students to a great extent.
  3. Reports to trainer. Activities of the students while doing homework are automatically recorded and are available for the trainer in the form of data and graphs which is helpful in assessing each child’s performance. This, in turn, will help you to understand the areas where a child is doing good or where more effort is required. These reports are also helpful in providing constructive feedback to parents.
  4. Regular report of students activity is reported to parents on a daily basis which gives them service satisfaction.
  5. Fast Results: Online practice tools shows the improvement in performance of children in a very short time.

Software to Manage Students' Performance

With the help of our online portal, you would be able to enrol, keep a record of students and also analyse their performance in a more efficient manner. No need to keep manual registers.

Students' Enquiries

We will provide all the students' enquiries from your area which are received by Roots Abacus through different channels.

Territory Rights

We would ensure that no other center, in our name, opens in your locality. This will give you exclusive territorial rights and ensure peace of mind.

Online Publicity

We would create your online presence showing your location and contact details giving you advantages from online searches.

Advertising Expense Reimbursement

We would reimburse all your local publicity expenses to the extent of 20% on providing the quotation and approval thereof.



You might be wondering that as a franchisee, what would be your liabilities towards us. Actually, this program is made especially for women and minimal expectations are there from your side. However, since you would be representing us in your area, we expect that you ensure:




After successfully completing the course, you will be awarded as a Certified Abacus Trainer of Roots Abacus Learning School, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.


20% of the monthly fees charged by you from the students (to be paid every month) for getting all of the above mentioned support and services.


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